…… I grow organic walnuts in CA. I read the articles about Mr. Cain’s SEA-90 in ACRES USA and called him 15 years ago. After some discussion we decided that the best way to incorporate SEA-90 into my fertility program was by adding it to the compost we spread annually on our acreage. This served two functions: first by spreading it with the compost it saved me significant time and fuel by making just one trip with the spreader over our entire farm; second, the SEA-90 feeds the microorganisms in the compost doubling their populations and is broken down and immediately available to the trees. Mr. Cain delivered truckloads of SEA-90 to my compost supplier, Grover Soil Solutions, and they added it directly to the wind rows they created for my farm. We have done this four consecutive years and achieved what Dr. Murray considered complete re-mineralization. The results are outstanding. Insect damage is significantly diminished and we have actually achieved what is called perfect loads! Our walnuts are wonderful tasting and nutrient dense. We also have peach trees and between the compost and foliar sprays we have virtually eliminated peach leaf curl! Our production has increased and so has the price we receive for our produce.”

~ Gerald F., Gridley, CA

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