Dan H LivestockLast fall we purchased 2400 starting calves weighing 550-650 lbs in Auction Barns and moved them between 30-130 miles to our feed lot. We incorporated SEA-90 Essential Elements into their ration as follows: (Ration consisted of 59% corn silage, 7% DDG’s, 1lb usual supplement and chopped hay)

  • 1st 800 – 2 oz/day for 1st 30 days ,1 oz /day for next 80 days
  • 2nd 800 – 2 oz/day for first 30 days,1 oz/day for next 10 days, none for balance of feeding period. (Feed Consumption dropped slightly)
  • 3rd 800 – 2 oz/day first 30 days, none after. Feed consumption dropped 4-5 lbs/ head when SEA-90 was removed. After 5 days of lower feed consumption Group was put back on 1oz/day and feed consumption increased to previous level.

Operator Comments :

  1. Owner had never had calves eat over 3% DM on ration before. (DM Consumption typically not more than 2.7%)
  2. Calves took to feed in the first 2-3 days better than ever before.
    Minimal antibiotic (Draxxin) treatments administered.
  3. Death loss .25% (6 deaths per 2400 cows)
  4. Treating with antibiotic seemed to have no significant effect on mortality rate.

~ H D, Canada



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