I have spent the last three years developing what I call fungal repositories. It brings organic gardening and especially cannabis horticulture to a new level of (health, beauty, quality and resilience). 

I began adding SEA- 90 this growing season and suddenly began seeing a wider variety of phenotypic expressions across all strains grown. I’m absolutely sure that the cannabinoidal composition and concentration has increased and is reaching it’s full genetic potential. 

In order to create the greatest fungal repositories I start preparing the soil two months before a seed is planted. SEA-90 will figure prominently in my work going forward. You have an incredible product! Unfortunately the knowledge base of the cannabis industry is and has been greed driven. Maynard Murray only missed on one point concerning greenhouses. Geothermal floor heat is missing in his practices. Next to step farming in Columbia, this is the most efficient form of cannabis cultivation.

SEA-90 combined with Leonardite in powdered form and in liquid as Source+. Is an absolute dynamo in cannabis development. When these two products are combined strain descriptions have to be rewritten because Phenotypic expressions and flower quantity are greatly improved. 

While my works are seasonal, yet productive. SeaAgri Solutions could be a knowledge leader in the cannabis industry. There’s a lot of people pushing many products. (Mostly Snake Oils) Push the knowledge behind the product. Get to the Canna Expos being held and have side by side results. It’s very difficult to travel with actual plant flower product. Hands on and visual confirmation is key to trust in this very deceitful industry. 

Just so I hopefully have your attention and future focus. Your greatest world market is in home and private growers. Lobbying towards this end will also gain you the broadest and [most] loyal public support and customers. I’m excited to have this strategy fully implemented next season , minus the Geothermal greenhouse. 

Peace and thank you. 

~ Farmerlion| North Dakota

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