Dwayne M. | Living Foods Learning Center, NM

……we offer our own wheatgrass and sprouts to our patrons on a daily basis and have been growing them in house for many years. When I heard about Dr. Murray’s work and thought about the potential health benefits of nutrient dense fully re-mineralized wheatgrass and sprouts grown with SEA-90, I immediately called Mr. Cain and arranged a shipment to us. Once I started watering and misting the grass and sprouts with the SEA-90 solution I saw an immediate change in the growth and development. Our first harvest and the taste were amazing. The wheatgrass was so much sweeter and flavorful. Before using SEA-90 I was drinking six ounces of wheatgrass each day. After using SEA-90 all I could drink was four ounces. The nutrient density really made a difference.”

Wheat Grass

~ Dwayne M., Living Foods Learning Center, NM

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