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Dr Maynard Murray | Sea Solids | Acres USA 1976 conference:

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:

SeaAgri Mine and Salt Production

Published June 2015

Nutrient Dense Food and Sea Energy Agriculture

Published February 2015

SEA-90 Pasture and Lamb

Brian in Alabama describes how he incorporates SEA-90 into his mineral program

SEA-90 Pasture in TN

Owen R talks about his success with SEA-90

Best Organic Sea Fertilizer that You Can Eat!

John from shares with you the organic certified fertilizer from the sea that will increase growth, yield and nutrition of the crops that you can Eat!
Published on Oct 16, 2014

SeaAgri for Your Health Radio Show

Radio interview with Jack Kahn – health advocate. Talks about SEA-90 and how it relates to improving minerals and trace elements missing in our soil and out physiology.
Published Jun 18, 2012

SEA-90 Fertilizer for Pasture and Hay

Comparison of SEA-90 vs conventional fertilizer @ JJanks Farm

SEA-90 in Aquaculture

SEA-90 is dissolved to recreate sea water for a brine shrimp production facility in California.
Published on Aug 16, 2012

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