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Dr Maynard Murray | Sea Solids | Acres USA 1976 conference:

Bruce Tainio | Plant Nutrient Interactions | Acres USA 2007 conference:

SeaAgri Mine and Salt Production

Published June 2015

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Nutrient Dense Food and Sea Energy Agriculture

Published February 2015

SeaAgri - Sea 90 - Pryor, Oklahoma - Feb. 26. 2015

SeaAgri for Your Health Radio Show

Radio interview with Jack Kahn – health advocate. Talks about SEA-90 and how it relates to improving minerals and trace elements missing in our soil and out physiology.
Published Jun 18, 2012

SeaAgri for Your Health Radio Show

SEA-90 in Aquaculture

SEA-90 is dissolved to recreate sea water for a brine shrimp production facility in California.
Published on Aug 16, 2012

SEA-90 in Aquaculture

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