SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral

SeaAgri’s full spectrum mineral and trace element wildlife products are perfect for the sportsman or woman wanting to produce healthy animals and bucks with trophy racks.

SEA-90 Wildlife MineralExperts understand that SeaAgri’s Wildlife Mineral produces healthy vital wildlife, but few people know the secret of why it produces larger trophy racks. More than 30 years ago, Maynard Murray MD, the inventor of Sea Mineral Solids and expert nutritionist discovered the power of trace elements and shared the trophy rack secret with Robert Cain owner of SeaAgri. Dr. Murray discovered that one specific trace element, present in parts per million, is absolutely essential for trophy rack production. This trace element is basically non-existent in our soils and wildlife forage but occurs naturally in SeaAgri’s SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral made from fresh pristine sea water. SeaAgri’s Food Plot Fertilizer and Wildlife Mineral is created with sea water containing 90 elements and more than 50,000 organic compounds–every mineral and trace element once found in our soils, including Dr Murray’s essential trophy rack element.

During ancient times, hunters followed wildlife and discovered natural salt deposits. This salt was eventually mined for food preservation and currency. The oldest salt mine on earth was discovered by hunters following wildlife outside Salzburg Austria. Use SeaAgri’s Wildlife Products and never search for wildlife again because the wildlife will come to the mineral licks and food plots in large numbers. As an additional benefit they will be healthier and the bucks will have larger, more beautiful racks.

SeaAgri Food Plot Fertilizer and Wildlife Mineral is the product of 40 years of extensive research by Dr. Maynard Murray and SeaAgri proving full spectrum sea minerals and trace elements grow nutritionally superior food plot crops and wildlife. Broadcast SEA-90 Food Plot Fertilizer directly on the soil surface and allow to dissolve into the soil or dissolve in water and spray directly onto growing food plot crops and forage. It is a great stand-alone fertilizer or mix with other products and apply. Use SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral from the bag and pile onto the earth in its crystalline form as a mineral lick, or dissolve in water and pour directly on the earth to feed and attract wildlife. All SEA-90 products are 100% natural and “Legal To Hunt Over”.

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