Mineralize Everything You Grow

Apply SEA-90 Natural Full Spectrum Trace Elements in Crops, Pasture, Hydroponics, Compost and Compost Tea

Witness the Power of Complete Trace Element Nutrition

Improve Animal Health with SEA-90 Essential Elements for All Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture and Wildlife

Maximum Minerals and­ Trace Elements

SEA-90 Agricultural Products and Baja Gold Gourmet Sea Salt contain 92 minerals and trace elements plus more than 50,000 organic compounds

The Most Complete Mineral and Trace Element Products Ever Offered


SEA-90 Farm and Garden Fertilizer

SEA-90 Essential Elements for All Livestock, Poultry and Aquaculture

SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral

Baja Gold All Natural Unrefined Sea Salt for the Table


SeaAgri  is inspired by the research of Maynard Murray MD, Weston Price DDS, William Albrecht PhD, Arden Anderson MD, Jerry Burnetti, author and renowned speaker, Robert Cain, President SeaAgri, inc, and Hugh Lovel, multi-disciplinary scientist. SeaAgri is dedicated to fulfilling Dr. Murray’s lifelong dream of improving human health by introducing “Sea Energy Agriculture” to gardeners, ranchers and farmers throughout the world.

All SeaAgri products are produced from the Sea of Cortez containing 92 minerals and trace elements, plus more than 50,000 organic compounds. Scientific data shows that SEA-90’s minerals and trace elements stimulate, feed and enhance micro flora populations in soil, and as little as one ounce of SEA-90 Essential Elements provide nearly complete mineral nutrition.



Crop production:

  • Enhance nutrient uptake
  • Improve flavor
  • Increase production and yields
  • Fewer days to harvest
  • Reduce transplant shock
  • Less heat stress (read more…)

Livestock Benefits:

  • Enhance fertility and conception rates
  • Improve herd health
  • Improve freshening
  • Reduce mortality rates
  • Quicker weight gain
  • Improved Meat flavor (read more…)

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Research & Analysis

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BJ | Tulsa, OK

I just finished baling our first cutting of hay for 2015 from a 39 acre field where we’ve been experimenting with SEA-90. Last year we sprayed 5 lbs per acre SEA-90 Foliar fertilizer one time after green-up and harvested 55 round bales. Hay quality was excellent and...

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Liz N., Licensed Wildlife Rehabber: North Georgia

As a licensed wildlife rehabber, and personal "small farm" user and local distributor of SEA-90, the product has become a critical part of my life/routine. With wildlife, I use it as part of my wound care treatment. Since wild animals lick and "worry" their wounds, we...

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Rick M. | Westville, IN

  …..we have a commercial shrimp operation in Indiana. We were searching the internet for answers to a some problems we were having when I found SeaAgri and SEA-90. I called Mr. Cain and discussed the aspect of using SEA-90 to create sea water for our project. When I...

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Jay S. | Moorhead, MS

Added 10 lbs SEA-90 per ton fish feed (blended into feed by producer) Year 2012: 76 acres in catfish production  /  Feed 10 tons per acre per crop Results: Feed conversion ratio (Feed to Fish Produced) 25% Improvement  /  Reduced from 2.45 lb to 2.2 lb Meat Yield: 3%...

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Lee K. | Ft Pierce, FL

Lee added one teaspoon SEA-90 per gallon to his hydroponic systems on April 12. By May 9, the lettuce was ready to harvest. Three executive chefs were asked to sample the product. They were amazed at the difference in taste. The lettuce grown with SEA-90 sea minerals...

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