Fertilizer and Livestock

(Release PDF) Livestock producers and grass farmers using SEA-90 Essential Element For All Livestock and SEA-90 Trace Element Fertilizer report higher profits, improved herd health and increased pas- ture production.

At an extraordinary affordable cost, SEA-90 replenishes over 90 minerals and trace elements known to be deficient in soils, crops, pasture grasses and livestock. SEA-90 complete mineral and trace element availability results in increased yields, nutrient density, brix levels, RFQ and RFV values, improved soil and gut biology and healthier livestock.

SEA-90 Essential Element is offered to all livestock free choice and mixed in feed. Consumption per 1000 lb cow is reported to average 1 oz per day ($5 per month) with pos- itive improvement in reproduction, hair coat, hoof rot, pink eye, plus reduced fly pressure and scours.

Dissolve SEA-90 Foliar Fertilizer and apply to all crops, pasture, small and tree fruits for $5 or less per acre throughout the growing season. Broadcast SEA-90 Natural Fertilizer in late fall or early spring to remineralize soil, improve micro- bial populations, crop and pasture quality and production. Add SEA-90 to compost and compost tea (brew) to improve quality and increase micro- bial populations.

For more information, contact SeaAgri, Inc., 770-361-7003, info@seaagri.com,P.O. Box 88237 Dunwoody GA 30356, or visit www. seaagri.com.

Cows on pasture

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