Hemp / Cannabis Application Instructions


Growing Hemp and Cannabis requires essentially the same minerals and trace elements as any other field, hydroponic, or potted crop.  Trace minerals are essential for the production of both Trichome (flower) and fiber.  Plants raised in soil containing, or fed nutrient solutions containing SEA-90’s trace minerals produce more stem, leaf, and flower than those raised on typical fertilizers.  SEA-90’s 90 trace minerals are essential for fertility and reproduction in all plant and animal life.

Please follow all appropriate regulations and restrictions when growing any plant or crop.


 Robust, Nutrient Rich and Healthy Plants


 Suggested Applications:

Field Broadcast:
50-120 lbs SEA-90 per acre pre-planting

Foliar Spray:
5 lbs SEA-90 per acre in 20 gallons of water

1 tsp (6 grams) per gallon of water

Compost Tea:
1 lb SEA-90 per 100 gallons of brew



  SEA-90 Foliar and Hydroponic FertilizerSEA-90_quick_dissolving_foliar_fertilizer 


SeaAgri Inc. SEA-90 Fertilizer

 Hydroponics Formulas (pdf)



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