Foliar Application Instructions

SEA-90 Foliar Boom

SEA-90 minerals and trace elements can be used alone and/or mixed with most water soluble fertilizers. It can be added to any foliar spraying program as a mineral and trace element source. SEA-90 is a natural surfactant. By adding it to your foliar spray, it will assist in spreading and absorption of the minerals and trace elements. To increase effectiveness, add fish emulsion as a nitrogen source, humate (per manufacturer recommendations), and one half pound cane sugar per acre. SEA-90 might contain small amounts of sediment. Therefore, prior to adding dissolved SEA-90 to spray tank, we suggest mixing desired amount with water to allow sediment to settle and filter if necessary.

Foliar Feed for all Vegetable CropsSEA-90 Sea Mineral Fertilizer Label

  • General:
    Mix 3 to 5 lbs SEA-90 per 10-20 gallons water until completely dissolved. Filter if necessary. Avoid overspraying at end of row as this may cause tip burn!
  • Gardeners:
    Mix one teaspoon Sea-90 per gallon of water and apply as drench or foliar until runoff every 7 – 10 days.
  • Farmers:
    Apply 2.5 pounds dissolved in 20 gallons of water per acre every 7 days; 20 pounds per acre per season.
  • Row Crops:
    3.5 lbs per Acre. 6 times during growing season. Apply every 14 days. 21 lbs total per year.
  • Liquid Row Support:
    6 lbs per acre. Add to current mix at time of planting.
  • Continuous Pasture Grasses, Hay, Alfalfa, Etc.
    Apply 5 pounds dissolved in 20 gallons of water per acre at greening-up stage and after each cutting or rotation of cattle; 20 pounds per season. Read easy-to-follow directions.
  • Small Fruits & Trees Fruits:
    2 lbs per Acre. 8 times during growing season. 16 lbs per acre per year.


Dissolving and Spraying SEA 90 Foliar Fertilizer
Dissolving and Spraying SEA 90 Foliar Fertilizer

Follow these easy tips (PDF) when turning SEA-90 into solution for your foliar spray equipment.

SeaAgri Solutions recommends this pump for trouble free spraying.

Inexpensive and Effective Bag Filter For Removing Sediment or Undissolved Crystals When Dissolving SEA-90 for Foliar Spraying






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