Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEA-90 and how is it produced?

SEA-90 minerals and trace elements are natural crystals produced multiple times per year from sea water trapped in retention ponds located in a pristine estuary on the Sea of Cortez. SEA-90 differs from all other sea minerals currently on the market because it is created from one of the most mineral-rich seas on earth, in an arid environment with an annual rainfall of less than one half inch (1.27 cm) per year, and average temperatures normally in excess of 100° F (37° C).  SEA-90 is not mined from the remnants of ancient dried sea beds where leaching inevitably occurs that decreases the number of periodic table elements.  SeaAgri continues to work diligently to perfect the capture and production of the highest quality mineral and trace element package available. We anticipate the ability to supply global demand into perpetuity.

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Does SeaAgri have an edible salt?

Yes, we produce premium kosher sea salt under the brand name Baja Gold Sea Salt.  Visit our website to learn more today! 

Why are the trace elements contained in SEA-90 important?

Trace elements, usually less than one-tenth of one percent, exert powerful influences far beyond their quantity. Scientific understanding of the role of trace elements in human and plant physiology is new and emerged slowly during the last century. It is known that 16 trace elements have critical biological functions, but many more are suspected to play a role in cellular function and molecular design.
Click here for Dr Olarsh article (PDF)

Why doesn’t sodium chloride (salt) in SEA-90 harm soil and crops?

As a result of extensive research, Dr. Murray discovered that soil microbiological activity and plant growth and development is enhanced when the concentration of sodium chloride in seawater derived SEA-90 is applied at specific rates and in specific dilutions as a foliar spray and in hydroponic solutions.
Click here for Hydroponics formulas (PDF)

How does SEA-90 differ from common salt?

Common table salt is pure white crystals of highly refined 97-99 percent sodium chloride. SEA-90 is dehydrated seawater in its purest state containing 82-85 percent sodium chloride. It is not a single metal salt but a mixture of 90 plus elements in the sea’s perfect proportions. The lightest elements (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) are totally balanced with the trace elements (copper, chromium, zinc, manganese, selenium, cobalt, molybdenum, et al).

Is SEA-90 utilized in Aquaculture?

Yes, the minerals and trace elements in SEA-90 Essential Elements are 99.9% water soluble and perfectly suited for shell fish, salt water and fresh water fish production. SEA-90 in solution recreates perfect sea water. It adds not only trace minerals but also over 50,000 organic compounds and micro-organisms known to exist in Sea of Cortez water.  Visit our Aquaculture page to learn more.

Whats is the difference between the different products SeaAgri offers?

Currently there is no difference in the actual analysis of trace minerals in our products. The only difference being crystal particle size. After solar drying SEA-90 it is taken to our bagging facility where it is screened to a desirable size.


What is the best way to dissolve SEA-90 Foliar so it can be used effectively in a sprayer?

Please go to Foliar Application Instructions for a write-up that was contributed by a customer who uses SEA-90 Foliar effectively with his equipment.


What type of equipment is recommended to broadcast SEA-90 Fertilizer?

Here is a short list of recommended spreaders for broadcasting SEA-90. Please see Broadcast Application Instructions for more info.


What are low sodium seawater fertilizer products?

SEA-90 is totally produced from 100 percent sea water, nothing added or removed. It is impossible to recreate natural sea water. It cannot be created elementally or biologically in a lab or any other synthetic environment.

A primary principle of biology is that “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”. Each element or part represented in the periodic table must be present in exact proportions to support the role of all other elements.

Sea water is a fractionally blended solution, so even the smallest pinhead drop contains all periodic elements (including sodium) in perfect ratios. Every periodic table element works together as a functional whole in sea water and SEA-90. If sodium is removed or reduced from this system, it disrupts the assimilation and use of other elements. Each element must function in ratio and relationship to all other elements in order for the delivery system to work.

Unfortunately, life outside the sea is not perfect or balanced. We live in a world of extremes--especially with regard to sodium. Romans salted the field of Carthage to destroy their enemy. We hear and read that too much salt is unhealthy. Even though seawater and SEA-90 contain sodium chloride, it is not classified as “common salt” that contains 98 percent sodium chloride and is not elementally balanced.

Fear is a very powerful marketing tool, and SeaAgri’s low sodium competitors are exploiting “fear of salt” to promote their products as superior to SEA-90. Our competitors could not be further from the truth, because we cannot improve sea water. What they do not understand is that sodium must be present in the exact proportions as in sea water so all other minerals and trace elements are bio-available. If we remove sodium, we create something unrelated to sea water that cannot deliver the complete mineral and trace element package SEA-90 provides.

SEA-90 is nature’s perfect blend of balanced minerals and trace elements, sodium included, in the exact ratios and proportions of sea water.

See this document: SEA-90 and Sea Water vs Low Sodium Competition (PDF)


How can I produce a low sodium sea water product?

Low sodium products can be created using SEA-90. Place SEA-90 in burlap bag and submerge in fresh water. Remove and collect the run-off liquid in a container. This liquid is a low sodium fertilizer high in magnesium, calcium and trace elements.


How much SEA-90 should I apply to my garden, cropland or pasture?

SeaAgri works closely with each of our customers to determine the application rates for their particular crop and soil type. Please refer to our applications pages.


Is SEA-90 utilized as a fertilizer in the production of Hemp and Cannabis?

Yes, growers utilizing SEA-90 for over 10 years have reported significant improvements in plant health and vitality plus increased fiber and trichome production. Ongoing studies will look at CBD oil quality and THC. Please visit Hemp / Cannabis Application Instructions for more information.


What is the best way to use SEA-90 in blueberry production?

SEA-90 can be applied either foliar or broadcast for blueberry production. Broadcast 100 lbs per acre (1/2 lb per 100 sq ft). This is a very light application rate and best applied at the drip line where the feeder roots are near the surface. An alternative is to spray 2.5 lbs per 20-30 gallons of water per acre every 10 days. This is the equivalent of one teaspoon per gallon in a back-pack sprayer.


What is the best way to prepare a garlic bed with SEA-90?

Broadcast one lb per 100 sq ft and till into the surface prior to planting. Also, spray the growing plants every 10 days with a SEA-90 solution.


Can SEA-90 be used with Miracle Grow?

Yes, mix one teaspoon per gallon of Miracle Grow Fertilizer mix.


What are the lawn care application rates and instructions?

Use one pound SEA-90 to one gallon water and stir until the crystals are 98 percent dissolved. It is normal to see a few white crystals along with some rock powder remaining in the bucket. Pour the liquid into your fertilizer receptacle and set the dial for one teaspoon per gallon. If using a miracle grow hose end sprayer, fill the receptacle 3/4 full with SEA-90 and spray until water runs clear. Spray lawn every 21 days.


Can SEA-90 be used in hydroponics production?

Yes, Robert Cain created hydroponics formulas under Dr. Murray’s guidance utilizing both seawater and SEA-90. The formulas are available to advocates of “Sea Energy Agriculture”.
Click here for Hydroponics formulas (PDF)


Crop Application: Can SEA-90 be sprayed onto the soil prior to planting or onto the crops as during the growing season? Should we expect the same results?

Dr. Murray applied sea solids (SEA-90) in his research trials as a broadcast fertilizer and incorporated it into the soil. Current application instructions advise to dissolve SEA-90 and spray on crops. Dissolving SEA-90 and applying in solution as a foliar spray is a new application method that gained momentum during recent years due to research trials many of our customers conducted on their farms and gardens. The outstanding results coupled with the cost of application averaging less than $5 per acre for most ranchers and farmers is very exciting.

Foliar application of SEA-90 remineralizes the plant from the top down rather than from the ground up. We believe that remineralization through broadcast application of SEA-90 is a necessary aspect to your remineralization efforts. However, foliar applications offer a significantly lower cost alternative plus increases the nutrient density of the forage, fruits and vegetables. Research trials proved that mineral foliar sprays can move up to one foot per hour in the plant’s vascular system when applied during late afternoon to sundown when the stomata are wide open. Pasture grasses can supply up to 100 elements if available in the soil. By foliar applying SEA-90 to pasture, the grasses are bathed in the sea’s perfectly balanced minerals and trace elements increasing the nutrient density to maximum levels. Many customers report that livestock grazing on pastures enriched with foliar application of SEA-90 refuse all mineral supplements as long as the livestock have that pasture grass to forage. An organic vegetable grower reported that he raised the Brix reading on his tomatoes from three to 10 with only foliar application. We know that some spray reaches the soil along with the plant matter as it decays to provide the minerals and trace elements to soil life and eventually enriches the soil. Open the University of Michigan Foliar Application Study PDF


Why are SEA-90 sea solids better than liquified kelp that is used by many growers?

Kelp is a product of the sea and SEA-90 mineral solids is the sea minus the water. Kelp is plant material and therefore, carbon based and SEA-90 is inorganic ionic mineral. Kelp is a plant that grows in the ocean and it contains only the minerals it utilizes in its growth and development. Therefore, there are fewer minerals and trace elements and the proportions are not perfectly balanced as in sea water. Dr. Murray taught the importance of the natural balance of the minerals and trace elements. The cost of liquified kelp is also significantly higher than SEA-90.


When dissolving SEA-90, does warm water help? And if yes, what is the maximum temperature that should be used?

Warm water can help speed the process, but be aware that water is limited in the amount of mineral it can hold in suspension; soft water can hold more than hard water. Agitation also helps when dissolving larger amounts. Larger crystals are also slower to dissolve. Use only cool or tepid water because SEA-90 contains ocean biological micro-organisms that can be harmed by very hot or boiling water.


If I want to begin dissolving the SEA-90 a couple of days prior to spraying, would it still be as potent as if it was dissolved it the day I sprayed it?

SEA-90 has infinite shelf life. The minerals and trace elements contained in all SEA-90 products are never lost from the bagged product or when dissolved.


Are any equipment modifications required when foliar applying SEA-90?

These instructions are helpful if you plan to dissolve SEA-90 and foliar apply to your fields.


I planned to dissolve SEA-90 to apply foliar, but when I tried to dissolve 50 pounds in a 50 gallon drum, it did not dissolve. Can you help?

This is a common problem with a simple answer, “Add more water.” Also don’t be frustrated if all the SEA-90 does not dissolve quickly. Give it some time to dissolve--several hours or overnight if necessary. Any residue remaining is a combination of nondissolvable rock dust and crystals too large to quickly dissolve. Remember SEA-90 is created by dehydrating perfectly balanced sea water. Seven ounces (198 gm) of SEA-90 in one gallon (4 liters) water recreates pure seawater. That is essentially the same as one pound (454 gm) SEA-90 in three gallons (12 liters) of water. When the ratio of SEA-90 to water is greater, then a super saline solution is created and the solids stop processing into solution or dissolving. The sea maintains perfect mineral balance due to the fact that whenever any element is present in excess, it precipitates out of solution or falls to the bottom of the sea. Another factor to consider is the hardness and salinity of your water source. Hard water contains more minerals and therefore accepts less SEA-90 in solution. The harder your water, the more minerals present. Therefore, you might find that you can only dissolve one pound in four or five gallons of water. We suggest conducting a test in a white five gallon bucket of your water. Add one pound of SEA-90 and dissolve it completely. Then add more SEA-90, one-half pound at a time, until the mineral stops dissolving.

Dissolving and Spraying SEA 90 Foliar Fertilizer

I have never used SEA-90. Can it be mixed with worm castings and rock dust? How much can I put on my strawberry bed during the fall when I fertilize?

Adding SEA-90 to your mixture of worm castings and rock dust is an excellent idea. Add 10 percent SEA-90 by volume. For Example: Weigh your mixture of castings and rock dust. If the combined weight is two pounds or 32 oz add 3.2 oz of SEA-90 to the mixture and apply to your strawberries as you normally would.


What sprayer pump does SeaAgri recommend for foliar applications?

We recommend a “Hypro 8 Silver Series XL sprayer pump”.

How is sea salt produced?

Salt producers use three basic technologies to create salt for its myriad uses. Ancient dried and buried oceans from geologic ages past left many areas, under both land and sea, with concentrated sedimentary layers of salt that can exceed 50 feet in thickness. Two technologies exploit these underground deposits: conventional shaft mining where miners go underground to remove solid rock salt and solution mining where water is pumped underground dissolving the solid salt and then pumping out the salty brine which is then de-watered to crystallize the salt. The third method extracts salt from oceans and saline lakes, growing salt crystals similar to a farmer growing crops of vegetables or grain. Respectively, the products of these technologies are known as rock salt, evaporated salt (or vacuum pan salt) and solar (or sea) salt.


SEA-90 is created from coastal water. Is it pollution free?

SeaAgri’s SEA-90 is the only sea mineral product that claims and provides university lab data results guaranteeing it pollution free. The analysis shows that nitrogen is not present proving that the coastal water from where SEA-90 is created is also free from agricultural runoff.
Contaminants Analysis (PDF)
Herbicide/Pesticide Analysis (PDF)


Are ocean (sea) water products biologically superior to SEA-90?

Some ocean (sea) water companies claim SEA-90 is inferior due to the heat generated during solar dehydration. Marine biologists advise SeaAgri that common ocean algae is regenerated and becomes live when SEA-90 is dissolved in water. Therefore, it appears that SEA-90 and pure ocean water are biologically the same.


What is the mineral analysis of SEA-90?

SEA-90 is created from fresh, mineral-rich sea water with essentially the same minerals and trace elements found in typical sea water.
Sea Water Analysis (PDF)


Has the sea water used to create SEA-90 been exposed to any pollution from the Deep Horizon Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico during 2010?

No, SEA-90 remains pollution free. It is not created from the Gulf of Mexico sea water. Currently, the sea that provides the sea water for SEA-90 does not contain any oil rigs, and no exploration for oil or natural gas is planned nor has ever been conducted.


Are SeaAgri’s products or production facility affected by Japan’s Fukushima nuclear disaster?

SeaAgri is confident that SEA-90 and Baja Gold are pure and uncontaminated from nuclear radiation released by the nuclear disaster at Fukushima. We base this conclusion upon the following facts:

  1. We collect our sea water from the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California, not the Pacific Ocean where Fukushima dumps its radioactive sea water.
  2. Our production facility is located on the east coast of the Baja peninsula considerably north of where the Sea of Cortez flows into and merges with the Pacific Ocean.
  3. The tsunami that was created by the earthquake (the initial cause of the nuclear disaster) reached the west coast of the USA, but did not bring sea water to our inland production facility.
  4. The San Pedro Martir Mountains rise more than 10,000 feet (3,095 meters) above sea level on the west coast of the 150 mile wide Baja Peninsula creating a natural barrier to wind and rain carrying air-borne radiation east from the Pacific Ocean.
  5. Although SeaAgri has not found a lab capable of testing for radiation levels, several customers reported that their personal equipment indicated no radiation present in our products.

How does SEA-90 compare to Products on the market where sodium has been reduced or eliminated.

SEA-90 is a produced from Sea of Cortez sea water which is naturally low in sodium and chloride. SEA-90 is typically contains between 82-85% sodium chloride. Nothing is added or removed.  We cannot recreate sea water or create higher quality sea water elementally or biologically in a lab.

A primary principle of biology is that “The whole is greater than sum of its parts”. Each element or part represented in the periodic table must be present in exact proportions to support the role of all other elements.

Sea water is unique inasmuch as even the smallest pinhead drop contains all periodic elements, including sodium in perfect ratios. All periodic table elements work together as a functional whole in sea water and SEA-90. If sodium is removed or reduced from this system, it disrupts the assimilation and use of other elements. Each element has to function in ratio and relationship to all other elements in order that the delivery system works.

Unfortunately, life outside the sea is not perfect or balanced.  We live in a world of extremes, especially with regard to sodium.  Romans salted the field of Carthage to destroy their enemy. We hear and read that too much salt will kill us. Seawater and SEA-90 contain sodium chloride, but are not classified as “Food Grade Salt” which, by international standards, must contain 97-99% sodium chloride and is deficient in most minerals and trace elements .

Fear is a very powerful marketing tool, and SeaAgri’s low sodium competitors are exploiting “fear of salt” to promote their products as superior to SEA-90. They could not be further from the truth, because we cannot improve sea water.  What our competitors do not understand is that in order to obtain the bio-availability of all other minerals and trace elements, sodium must be present in the exact proportions as in sea water. If we remove sodium, we create something unrelated to sea water that cannot deliver the complete mineral and trace element package SEA-90 provides.

SEA-90 is Nature’s perfect blend of balanced minerals and trace elements, sodium included, in the exact ratios and proportions in sea water.



What is the cost difference between SEA-90 and other sea water products currently offered to growers?

There are several companies that sell ocean or sea water products to farmers and hydroponic growers for fertilizer and foliar application for as much as $80 per gallon (four liters) with instructions to dilute to 1/100 prior to application. They are affiliated with us only through their promotion of utilizing minerals from the sea in agriculture. By dissolving seven ounces (198 gm) of SEA-90 in one gallon (four liters) of water, ocean or sea water is recreated for less than $1. If ocean (sea water) products are super concentrated 10 times normal, the cost of the same SEA-90 solution is still less than $5. Our product, SEA-90, contains all the minerals and trace elements found in the sea in a naturally dehydrated, water-soluble crystal form. The cost of applying SEA-90 in a foliar solution at a rate of five pounds per acre is $5 or less. The typical application cost of applying ocean water is $16 per acre. Dr. Murray chose to utilize sea mineral solids rather than ocean water in his large scale farm experiments due to the high cost of transporting ocean water. Ocean water contains three percent mineral solids and 97 percent water. Why would anyone pay to transport water when perfect sea mineral solids are available? SEA-90 marine mineral solids are unique because they allow numerous delivery options to assist in your efforts to remineralize soil, crops and livestock. Choose one or more that fit your farm program needs and budget. See our Application Instructions pages for more info.



Are other companies selling Dr. Murray’s sea solids?

SeaAgri is aware of several companies currently selling sea salt (sea minerals) to farmers and gardeners as fertilizer. Some of these Companies are claiming to provide identical sea solids to those used by Dr. Murray in his research. One such company is offering sea salt presumably from the exact location where Dr. Murray extracted his sea solids. During the early 1950s, Dr. Murray searched the entire planet for the perfect source of sea solids created naturally from sea water. He found only one location in this hemisphere, and this particular site is where SEA-90 is created. SeaAgri has legal contract for the exclusive rights to all sea mineral solids produced from sea water at this location. Therefore, it is impossible for any company other than SeaAgri to represent and sell its sea mineral as the sea solids that Dr. Murray discovered. There is a company selling sea salt from Arkansas that claims its pure white salt is washed in a special process using sea water, thereby, preserving the minerals and trace elements. This is impossible since minerals and trace elements are washed out and lost when salt is touched by water, whether it is sea water or rain water. Still another company now claims to offer Dr. Murray’s sea salt from the exact location (100 feet from where SeaAgri produces SEA-90). However they do not receive sea water at their mine location. They also promote the fact that they make their salt from super saline well water extracted from below the earth’s surface. According to Dr. Murray’s experiments and referenced in his book, sea solids (SEA-90) must be created from sea water (not well water) to contain the sea’s complete and balanced minerals, trace elements, and biological life. SeaAgri, concerned with such claims, employed Midwest Labs to analyze our competitor products. The results show 95- 97% NaCl (Sodium Chloride) leaving only three to five percent mineral. SEA-90 created from pure sea water contains 71% NaCl and 29% minerals and trace elements plus living biological life from the sea. Only unrefined solar dried sea water containing the sea’s minerals, trace elements, biological life and organic compounds can actually be Dr. Murray’s Sea Solids. These elements are the keys to achieving superior plant growth and animal health. SeaAgri and its loyal customer base know that SEA-90, Dr Murray’s sea solids, is the “gold standard” of sea mineral salt.



How does SEA-90 differ from rock powders?

All mineral salts originate in rock. However, a rock powder that contains the full spectrum of elements found in the sea does not exist. John Hamaker, who conducted extensive research with rock powders, stated that 20 percent of any rock powder application should be sea solid minerals. SEA-90, as dehydrated sea water, is water-soluble in the soil matrix. As a result, all nutrients available in mineral rich sea water are immediately available to soil life, and plants’ microbial populations feast on SEA-90 rapidly increasing. Over time, the microbes then break down the rock powder making their minerals and trace elements available for up to 10 years. Also, SEA-90 is water soluble it can be dissolved and utilized as a foliar spray while rock powders cannot.



How does SEA-90 compare to other sea based fertilizer products?

Other than SeaAgri, there are several companies in the US distributing sea water, sea salt or sea mineral as fertilizer. Sea water fertilizer products contain many of the minerals and trace elements found in SEA-90 but are much more costly to produce and transport due to the weight of water. There are also several sea water based liquid fertilizer products claiming to be low sodium and represented as superior to SEA-90 because sodium can ruin soil or burn leaf tissue. SEA-90 is not a “high sodium” salt, and Dr. Murray proved in his research trials that applying SEA-90 sea solids directly to our soil actually benefits plant growth. It is well known that sodium and chloride are essential elements and deficient in most agricultural soils. Scientific research indicates that small concentrations of sodium applied to soils and plants actually act as catalysts facilitating the movement of minerals and trace elements through the cell wall and into the plant tissue. Unless you are willing to pay a significantly higher price for the convenience of having a liquid “ready to use” fertilizer, there is no difference between creating sea water with SEA-90 or purchasing a sea water product.



What are the differences between sea salts offered in the market place?

In the English language, the term “sea salt” is used to describe many different types of salt. For example, one popular mineral salt for livestock is mined from ancient sea deposits beneath the Earth’s surface in Utah. This particular salt evolved millions of years ago from trapped water after seas covering the area receded from the land. Although the producer terms it “sea salt”, it is actually “earth salt” and contains significantly fewer minerals and trace elements than found in SEA-90. Earth salts are pure white, red or pink color. White salt is extremely high in sodium chloride and red or pink salt high in iron or other metals. Charles Walters of ACRES USA believed that livestock producers with high iron levels in their soil and/or irrigation water produce pasture and hay with abnormally high levels of iron. He said that these producers should avoid feeding pink or red mineral salts because livestock can develop iron toxicities that block the uptake of other important minerals and trace elements causing health issues. Livestock also ingest greater quantities of earth salts due to its lower water solubility and fewer minerals and trace element content.

SEA-90 sea mineral solids, as defined by Dr Murray, must be produced from pollution free sea water, 100% solar dried, never touched by rain, and beige in color. Perfect sea salt or SEA-90 sea mineral solids always contains 82-85% sodium chloride (NaCl) with the remaining 15-17% minerals and trace elements. SEA-90 is perfect livestock mineral salt.



Was Dr. Murray awarded patents for his research?

Yes, copies of his expired patents are available through
Dr. Murray’s Sea Solids Patent (PDF)
Click here for Dr. Murray’s Hydroponics Patent (PDF)



What are Bitterns or The Mother Liquor?

At the SeaAgri mine, we create beds of sea salt as bases of our retention ponds. We then flood the retention ponds with fresh sea water. As the 100 degree F temperature heat the ponds the sodium chloride crystallizes and rises or blooms carrying minerals and trace elements to the surface of the sea water. This process is quite colorful and very beautiful to witness. The sea solids, SEA-90, solidifies from the surface down so there is always moisture below. We allow the sea solids to form until there is a thin layer of moisture so we can easily harvest sea solids from the area without disturbing the sea salt base in the retention pond. This layer of moisture is “bitterns” (the Mother Liquor) that was used for natural healing for centuries. If you want more information, you can purchase the Sea Salt’s Hidden Powers from ACRES USA. This book explains the process in detail. You can create your own Bitterns once you have SEA-90. Put 10 pounds in a canvas bag and submerge in water. Then hang to dry and collect the drippings that are Bitterns. The Asians call this product Nagari and use it to create tofu.

What is the difference between SEA-90 Essential Elements and other mineral salts for livestock that claim to originate from the sea?

Several companies sell mineral salts for animal consumption and call their product sea salt. However, their source is either an ancient deposit buried beneath the earth’s surface or a sea coast area where heavy rainfall is common.

Ancient sea salt buried beneath the earth’s surface has been subjected to leaching by ground water that reduces elemental composition. Sea salt produced in coastal areas where rainfall occurs is also leached of minerals and trace elements. Once leaching occurs, minerals and trace elements are not perfectly balanced (high in iron and other metals) and are significantly reduced in number (52 competition vs. 90 plus SEA-90). There also appears to be a higher quantity of undissolvable solids per 50 pounds in many other sea salt mineral products (12 lbs competition vs. one lb SEA-90). The mineral and trace element balance, ratios, and content of SEA-90 are essentially the same as the sea water from which it is created. No minerals or trace elements are leached away, therefore, SEA-90 is the only true sea mineral and trace element product available for livestock.

What amount per gallon of water for poultry?

As a breeder of rare breed poultry, I’m interested in using SEA-90 but need a calculation for smaller quantities. My preferred way to administer it would be in the water only once weekly to be sure all birds get adequate amount. Rather than force-feeding, I keep a bin or small feeder with DE, oyster shell calcium, vitamin A, D and E granules, Azomite and grit to allow the birds to take what they need. Can it also be mixed and given free choice?

We found that .07 g per day per bird is an adequate amount in the drinking water. It you are only medicating once per week, we suggest one-half gram per bird in the water. We recommend one tablespoon in the mixture you provide and offer free choice.

Why is SEA-90 Essential Elements a superior livestock mineral salt?

SEA-90 is superior to all other livestock mineral salts because it is created from fresh sea water utilizing processes that preserve the complete elemental composition and balance of the sea’s array of minerals and trace elements. Prior to SEA-90’s introduction to the marketplace in 2003, livestock producers utilized two types of salt. Ancient salt often referred to as white or sea salt is mined from beneath the earth’s surface. It was created when seas that covered the earth receded millions of years ago. It is inferior to SEA-90’s elemental composition due to environmental factors such as moisture and pressure that reduced and concentrated the original mineral and trace elemental composition. The second type, typical sea salt, is produced in coastal areas and is inferior to SEA-90’s elemental composition due to leaching of minerals caused by processing and rainfall. There is also the potential of creation from brackish or polluted sea water. Rainfall on salt and sea salt washes away vital elements and turns it white. White salt is high in sodium chloride (97-99 percent) and low in minerals and trace elements. SEA-90 always contains pigmentation indicating the presence of minerals and trace elements.

Is SEA-90 Essential Elements or SEA-90 fertilizer harmful to horses, what is the suggested application rate, and does temperature make a difference?

SEA-90 can be sprayed on a pasture and fed to horses as a mineral salt. Since SEA-90 is a totally natural and safe fertilizer, it can be applied while horses are in the pasture. We suggest five pounds per acre foliar applied every six weeks throughout the growing season, and apply from dawn until temperatures reach 80 degrees F. SEA-90 needs to be on the plant one hour prior to rain. We have many customers with horses who report outstanding health improvement in their animals when utilizing SEA-90 both as a mineral and as a fertilizer.

How much SEA-90 Essential Elements should I feed to my baby calfs in Milk Replacer and larger calves and cattle?

We have had great results with the following recommendations:
Total of 5 grams per, twice per day for baby calves in Milk Replacer. (Total 10 grams per day per calf).  Cow/Calf offer free choice in pasture at all times.  Feedlot: 1.5 oz per day per calf – up to 500 lbs, 2 oz per day per calf – over 500 lbs.  Instructions download.

Robert Cain at the SeaAgri Mine

Robert Cain at the SeaAgri Mine

Is SEA-90 exactly the same as Dr. Murray’s Sea Solids?

Yes, in 1979, Dr. Murray disclosed the location of the mineral deposits to Robert Cain of SeaAgri, and sent him there to arrange for importation. Robert returned to the same location in 2003 and once again arranged for the creation and importation of the “sea solids” now called SEA-90. The mineral composition of the seawater that produces SEA-90 has not changed in the past 50 years. There is no industry or pollution present, so we feel confident SEA-90 is exactly the same as Dr. Murray used in his experiments.

Is SEA-90 approved for use in organic agriculture?

Yes, SEA-90 is naturally mined, unprocessed and non-synthetic mineral. It is approved and listed by the NOP USDA as organic sea salt and by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in production of all organic food, fiber and livestock. Some ocean/sea water companies claim to be organic or organic certified--a claim and certification that does not exist. SeaAgri is dedicated to providing the agricultural community with the best, purest and most cost effective sea mineral and trace element product possible. OMRI certificates are available in PDF format.

Were the mineral beds destroyed by a flood during 1981 as claimed by Don Jansen in Charles Walters book Fertility From the Ocean Deep?

It is true that the beds were flooded and covered by silt during 1981, but with no lasting or detrimental effects on the creation and harvesting of sea mineral solids. SEA-90 is created several times each year from fresh sea water, rather than mined from ancient sea beds that might lack vital minerals and trace elements. After searching world-wide for perfect sea mineral solids, Dr. Murray found the site where SEA-90 is created. There are several reasons for his choice of location. The sea that provides our seawater is one of the richest on earth in mineral composition and marine life. Over time, trillions of tons of mineral-rich top soil were deposited into this sea. In addition, geo-thermal vents along the fault line, at the bottom of the sea constantly add rare earth minerals and trace elements. At one foot below sea level, the mine area floods naturally several times every year. SEA-90 is created in a totally natural, unpolluted environment that is one of the driest on earth. Since this area receives less than one inch of rainfall with average temperatures in excess of 100°F (37°C), dehydration occurs very quickly preserving biological life and the entire mineral and trace element package from the sea. Every three months a new deposit is ready for collection. SeaAgri mines SEA-90 from these newly created deposits to ensure its purity and optimum mineral composition.

Why do higher sugar, mineral and trace element levels in plant tissue represented as Brix readings appear to coincide with reduced pest and fungus pressure?

In our world, insects and diseases play important roles. They are attracted to weak and sick organisms and destroy them. The weak and sick are reduced and the healthy and strong are left to reproduce, thereby, improving the genetic pool. When applied as a foliar spray to a plant leaf surface and/or incorporated into the soil, the plant metabolizes the minerals and trace elements into its sap or fluid. Once incorporated into the plant’s chemistry, the plant becomes healthier and its sap or fluid becomes infinitely more complex. Insects, specifically have no pancreas and due to their simple physiology cannot digest sugars. Therefore, they leave the mineralized plants alone and attack and destroy the weaker plants without the complex chemistry. Another reason mineral salts might be effective as a foliar spray in combating insects and diseases is that the NaCl acts as a desiccant, thereby, directly interacts with insects and fungus causing it to die back due to lack of available moisture.

How is SEA-90 fertilizer utilized in the production of organic food products such as corn and soybeans?

SEA-90 can be a bio-stimulant and provides the sea’s complete and balanced array of minerals and trace elements. As a fertilizer in the soil, it remineralizes the earth and feeds the microbial populations. As a foliar fertilizer, it remineralizes the growing plant and feeds the micro-organisms on the soil surface as well as the plant tissue. SEA-90 can increase plant vitality and production.

What is the shelf life of SEA-90?

SEA-90 has an infinite shelf life when stored covered and protected from moisture.





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