Alan H. | Talladega, AL

Alan H_testimonialGRAPES …..second year results….this year there are clusters and not the five or six small grapes scattered up and down the vine. The first of this summer was very dry and my grapes do not have any drip irrigation system. We have done very well considering the kind of year we had. If someone was to ask me why I use the SEA-90, I would have to say for the acceleration of the root growth, because what is going on underneath, you will see on top.

~ Alan H. Talladega, AL


Kent F. | Perry, Iowa

frederickson_blueberriesWe have 9000 blueberry bushes and last year in the Spring I applied 120 lbs per acre at bud break. We had a good rain right after this application and when the leaves came out, they shined like mirrors. This year Spring came extra early and I didn’t have a change to apply the SEA-90 before bud break and flowering. We had an early frost which killed all the blossoms. I then applied SEA-90 again at 120 lbs per acre and received a good rain shortly thereafter. The leaves again became mirror-like and I was amazed to see the plants blossom again about 14 days later. I’m the only blueberry farmer in Iowa that will have blueberries for market this year.

~ Kent F. Perry, Iowa


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