Rick S | Junction City, OR

I have been using SEA-90 for several years now.

My watermelons are fantastic, very big and very flavorful.

That was the main reason I started using it, for the flavor and nutrition. That has exceeded my expectations.

I started giving some to my chickens and my hatch rate went from around 50% to probably 95% or better.

~ Rick S | Junction City, OR

John M. | Elmira, MI

john_m…..we used SEA-90 sea minerals on our potato farm in Michigan. As in our previous year of trials, we feel that our yield has increased and quality improved when Sea-90 was used. For our current trials we applied 400 lb per acre last fall and another 200 lb per acre banded on top of the potatoes after planting, but before emergence this spring. The results were equally beneficial. So for the next year, we will only apply SEA-90 at 200 lb on all of our potatoes banded in the spring before emergence; this way the cost per acre is more justifiable. We also foliar feed SEA-90 once per week at a rate of 2.25 lb per acre in 25 gallons water along with our conventional program. Even where our sprayer booms overlap (resulting in 4.5 lb per acre of SEA-90) there is no foliar burning.
~John M. Elmira, MI



B. Farms | South East, MO

b_farms_1   b_farms_2   b_farms_3   b_farms_4

We incorporated SEA-90 Natural Fertilizer, TerraChar and Microbials into our seed bed pre-plant in 2015 utilizing our new strip till cultivator pictured below. The cultivator is perfect for seed bed preparation and conserves water by leaving crop residue between rows. The crop residue or organic matter slowly breaks down throughout the growing season, releasing nutrients and maintaining healthy microbial activity. The corn we planted germinated quickly and looks very healthy.

~ B. Farms South East MO


Bill W. | Nebraska

Last year we added SEA-90 Foliar Fertilizer to our foliar spray program and increased our Milo production by over 10%. We dry-land farm in SE Nebraska. Our average harvest before last year was between 80-90 bushels per acre. Last year we averaged 101 bushels per acre and
there was no significant difference in rainfall. I mixed 3.5 lbs of SEA-90 with my normal 1 gallon 32% N and applied one time. The only other application made was with nitrogen added to weed killer which I do every year in the spring. We’re very pleased with SEA-90 and plan to incorporate it into all our foliar sprays.

~ Bill W. Nebraska

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