Rick M. | Westville, IN


…..we have a commercial shrimp operation in Indiana. We were searching the internet for answers to a some problems we were having when I found SeaAgri and SEA-90. I called Mr. Cain and discussed the aspect of using SEA-90 to create sea water for our project. When I learned that it only takes seven ounces of SEA-90 dissolved in one gallon of water to recreate sea water and realized how inexpensively we could do this, we immediately ordered. We were experiencing many problems with our production and were constantly looking for solutions. Perhaps our mix was missing the natural minerals and trace elements that shrimp have access to living in the ocean. The SEA-90 arrived and we literally dove in head first by converting one entire tank with live shrimp to the new solution. I must admit that I was a little concerned at what might happen. But, the next morning I called my foreman and asked him to check the tank with the SEA-90 solution and report back. He called back in a few minutes and told me the shrimp looked so happy they were back stroking around the tank with big smiles on their little faces!

~ Rick M., Westville, IN

Jay S. | Moorhead, MS

Added 10 lbs SEA-90 per ton fish feed (blended into feed by producer)Catfish

Year 2012: 76 acres in catfish production  /  Feed 10 tons per acre per crop
Results: Feed conversion ratio (Feed to Fish Produced) 25% Improvement  /  Reduced from 2.45 lb to 2.2 lb
Meat Yield: 3% Improvement   /  Previous 2.52 lbs 61%  /  Current 2.60 lbs 64%

Other Observations:
1) Fish fully mature 3 weeks early
2) Water quality significantly improved

~ Jay S., Moorhead, MS



Lee K. | Ft Pierce, FL

Lee added one teaspoon SEA-90 per gallon to his hydroponic systems on April 12. By May 9, the lettuce was ready to harvest. Three executive chefs were asked to sample the product. They were amazed at the difference in taste. The lettuce grown with SEA-90 sea minerals was far superior in taste to that grown without. The plants were also slightly darker in color. In addition, two local schoolteachers sampled the lettuce and were so impressed that they asked us to build four units for their schools. Our ultimate goal is to educate the school board about the benefits of growing with sea minerals and to establish a series of greenhouses to grow the food for our local school system in support of “farm to school” programs.

~ Lee K., Ft Pierce, FL

John B. | Great Falls, MT

SEA-90 is the the best hydroponic fertilizer i’ve ever used. Just for research I grew over 36 tomato plants in my rion greenhouse and the fruits were the best I ever tasted with my sungolds producing fruits with a 12 brix reading. I never had to use any pesticide or fungicide because all the tomato plants were so healthy and extremely productive. SEA-90 is the best!!!

~John B., Great Falls, MT


Sean C. | St Joseph, MO

sean_c_wildlifeThe picture of the Buck was taken Sunday night 7/5/2012. For this test, the camera was set at 1 p.m. in an area that doesn’t get deer traffic to see how long it took to draw the deer with my new water soluble deer attractant that combines our proprietary scent/flavor additives and SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral. Nothing else was added. We cleared the vegetation and dumped the liquid mixture on the ground. The scent draws the deer to the location, and the flavor combined with SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral provides deer with every mineral required plus some. SEA-90 has more minerals and trace elements than anything else we’ve tried. It is also the only product that is 100% biologically available since it rapidly dissolves in water. The distance at which you can smell the mixture is incredible. All the deer came from downwind plus an old rock quarry forces their movement 120 yards from this spot so I know the scent is the long-distance draw. I have been trying this mix for the past year and have hundreds of pictures. I have pictures of deer in massive holes that were dug as well as pictures of several deer that have come in and laid down next to the hole and stayed for hours randomly licking at the earth. I have pictures of deer standing on hind legs eating the mix off branches where I sprinkled it on. The picture shows how aggressively the deer pursue this blend of SEA-90 Wildlife mineral and our proprietary scent/flavor mix. To show how aggressively the deer searched for the mineral mix, I placed a gallon jug at the bottom of the hole that was created in less than four weeks. I also tested SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral side by side against just about every similar product available and SEA-90 Wildlife Mineral plus our proprietary scent/flavor additives out-performs everything!

~ Sean C., St Joseph MO


Dwayne M. | Living Foods Learning Center, NM

……we offer our own wheatgrass and sprouts to our patrons on a daily basis and have been growing them in house for many years. When I heard about Dr. Murray’s work and thought about the potential health benefits of nutrient dense fully re-mineralized wheatgrass and sprouts grown with SEA-90, I immediately called Mr. Cain and arranged a shipment to us. Once I started watering and misting the grass and sprouts with the SEA-90 solution I saw an immediate change in the growth and development. Our first harvest and the taste were amazing. The wheatgrass was so much sweeter and flavorful. Before using SEA-90 I was drinking six ounces of wheatgrass each day. After using SEA-90 all I could drink was four ounces. The nutrient density really made a difference.”

Wheat Grass

~ Dwayne M., Living Foods Learning Center, NM

Jeff M. | Ashburn, GA

In addition to my normal fertilizer I sprayed my hay pastures with 5 lbs SEA-90. I feel like it was well worth it and gave me a great return. On my first cutting I cut 5 round bales to the acre. My volume continued to be very good for my other two cuttings.

I also sprayed my blueberry bushes and my yard. My blueberry bushes produced more berries than ever before and I got several comments on how good my yard looked and that has never happened before. I will be using SEA-90 again this year.

~ Jeff M., Ashburn, GA

P & B Ingram | Jay, OK

ingram_hay_research_graphDuring 2012, our hay was analyzed by OK State University and were very unhappy with the results. We learned about SEA-90 in 2013 and applied 5 lbs SEA-90 Foliar to our hay crop for the first time. Our hay was once again analyzed. There was an astounding difference between 2012 and 2013. SEA-90 increased crude protein (CP) from 7.5% to 13.6%, total digestible nutrients (TDN) from 55% to 58%, and relative feed value (RDF) increased from 58 to 88. The acid detergent fiber (ADF) decreased from 32% to 29% (poor quality forage has higher ADF percent values). We plan to spray our hay during the spring and after each cutting in 2014 and 2015 and hope to improve the quality even more. We are sold on SEA-90!

~ P & B Ingram, Jay, OK
Registered SEA-90 Distributor





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