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Wise Traditions letter repost:
Referencing: Summer 2017 Edition

An advertisement in the Summer 2017 Wise Traditions took me by surprise. The benefits of this natural product goes way beyond everyday use. While wild turkey hunting in Missouri, my guide talked about a “fertilizer” he used to successfully heal the local deer population. Prior to its use, the deer were “ladden with ticks”, bucks had small racks and the faun were sickly. One year later, the deer were strong, healthy and the bucks had large racks. My guide’s wife discovered this “fertilizer” made her flowers explode with blossoms and her vegetable garden greatly increase its yield.

What is this “fertilizer”? SEA-90 or as advertised in Wise Traditions Baja Gold Sea Salt

This miracle salt is mined off the coast of Baja Mexico where a deep sea thermal pushes heavy essential elements from the ocean’s bottom to the surface. This sea salt contains 90 essential elements, 30 -40 more than most typcial sea salts. It is delicious and your body will react kindly…wanting more of these powerful essential elements.

~ Jolie M. | Health Maniacs

No More Mondays Farm | Fort Valley, AL

“We’ve been offering SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice and spraying a mixture SEA-90 Fertilizer and Coral Calicum on our pastures for 3 years with great success. Our rams, ewes and lambs stayed super healthy through this past summers drought which was the worst ever recorded in Alabama. We harvested lambs in November 2016 and the meat was very sweet. The butcher remarked that the lambs liver condition was the best he’d ever seen.  We’re sold on SEA-90”

~ Brian B. | Fort Valley, AL

BJ | Tulsa, OK

BJ Tulsa HayI just finished baling our first cutting of hay for 2015 from a 39 acre field where we’ve been experimenting with SEA-90. Last year we sprayed 5 lbs per acre SEA-90 Foliar fertilizer one time after green-up and harvested 55 round bales. Hay quality was excellent and within weeks of feeding to our dairy cows we saw an increase in milk butterfat and protein which improved our income. This year we broadcast 50 lbs per acre SEA-90 Natural Fertilizer on the same 39 acre field in January and aerated the entire field with a field aerator. We are beyond delighted with the results. First, our hay was ready to cut and bale five days earlier than previous years and we baled a new field record for first cutting of 128 round bales! We’re sold on SEA-90!

~ BJ, Tulsa OK




Alan Y. | Urbaform Technologies

red_arrow_ws_vs_ss_5days red_arrow_sea_solid_5days red_arrow_in_package

Following is the initial test I conducted. The #1 tray (second in photo) is the sea solids diluted with purified water with seeds placed on USDA organic sterile grow mat. I used red arrow radish as it is a quick growing crop. The #2 tray (first in photo) is using WonderSoil media which is a core-based, compressed media with worm castings and some organic nutrients. This was the gold standard up to this point. The second shot is a closeup of the crop. The leaves are visibly much larger and the stems more vibrant and stronger. The last image is our new live tray microgreens that will be in stores next week. We will be featuring the addition of your SEA-90.

~ Alan Y., Urbaform Technologies





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