No More Mondays Farm | Fort Valley, AL

“We’ve been offering SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice and spraying a mixture SEA-90 Fertilizer and Coral Calicum on our pastures for 3 years with great success. Our rams, ewes and lambs stayed super healthy through this past summers drought which was the worst ever recorded in Alabama. We harvested lambs in November 2016 and the meat was very sweet. The butcher remarked that the lambs liver condition was the best he’d ever seen.  We’re sold on SEA-90”

~ Brian B. | Fort Valley, AL

Cherie L. | Live Oak, FL

I sprayed SEA-90 fertilizer on my pastures for my sheep. I was very pleased. The pastures had not been fertilized in 3 years and I used no other fertilizer along with the SEA-90. The grass was very good and green. My sheep were very satisfied and performed well. They did not gnaw on trees and wooden fence post as they will do when they have a mineral deficiency. I will definitely be using SEA-90 this year and into the future.

~ Cherie L., Live Oak, FL

Doug M. | Mannsville, NY

doug_m_dairy_cowI’ve been feeding my dairy cows SEA-90 for a little over 6 weeks and we’ve seen a 100,000 drop in somatic cell counts. We have no pink eye and we significantly reduced fly pressure in the barn. My son who is a fertility expert came by last week and told me he’d never seen cows in such a strong heat or as raw as mine. I am really impressed with SEA-90.

~ Doug M., Mannsville, NY



David R. | Alma, AR

My customer applied one ton (133 lb per acre) SEA-90 to 15 acres of grasses.  He grazed 28 head (almost head per acre) and was still managed to cut three round bales per acre to put up for the winter.  He is thrilled with SEA-90.

I use SEA-90 to grow corn.  The corn has grown to eight feet tall and has as many as five ears whereas normally without SEA-90 I only produce an average of three ears per talk.

For the past three years I foliar applied approximately eight pounds SEA-90 per acre on 12 acres of grasses.  As an experiment, I quit applying at a certain point on my field.  The SEA-90 treated pasture grew grasses 4-6” taller.  The local ag extension agent did not believe me until I took him to the field and he visibly saw the difference from a distance of 300 yards.

David R., Distributor Alma, AR





H D | Canada

Dan H LivestockLast fall we purchased 2400 starting calves weighing 550-650 lbs in Auction Barns and moved them between 30-130 miles to our feed lot. We incorporated SEA-90 Essential Elements into their ration as follows: (Ration consisted of 59% corn silage, 7% DDG’s, 1lb usual supplement and chopped hay)

  • 1st 800 – 2 oz/day for 1st 30 days ,1 oz /day for next 80 days
  • 2nd 800 – 2 oz/day for first 30 days,1 oz/day for next 10 days, none for balance of feeding period. (Feed Consumption dropped slightly)
  • 3rd 800 – 2 oz/day first 30 days, none after. Feed consumption dropped 4-5 lbs/ head when SEA-90 was removed. After 5 days of lower feed consumption Group was put back on 1oz/day and feed consumption increased to previous level.

Operator Comments :

  1. Owner had never had calves eat over 3% DM on ration before. (DM Consumption typically not more than 2.7%)
  2. Calves took to feed in the first 2-3 days better than ever before.
    Minimal antibiotic (Draxxin) treatments administered.
  3. Death loss .25% (6 deaths per 2400 cows)
  4. Treating with antibiotic seemed to have no significant effect on mortality rate.

~ H D, Canada



H. D. | Canada

livestock_dan_h_4During 2014, my customer offered SEA-90 Essential Elements free choice to his 120 Purebred Herford cattle herd for the first time. By summer, the following improvements in herd health were observed:

  • No pinkeye or hoof rot.
  • Conception rate improved from 93 to 97 percent (four percent increase).
  • During a 42-day breeding window, one yearling bull serviced 20 cows and a mature bull serviced 40 cows.

We are sold on SEA-90 Essential Elements and plan to continue offering it to all our cattle.

~ H. D., SeaAgri Dealer, Canada


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