John J.

I am so grateful for my SEA-90!  I have been using it as a foliar spray and adding it as you suggested to my main nutrients.   2 of 4 of my late teen mother plants that I raised from cuttings we’re getting yellow leaves and looking rather sad. Amazingly a high percentage of the yellowing leaves are turning green again. I used 1 teaspoon  magnesium/ Epsom salts plus a half  teaspoon of the SEA-90 per 1 gallon of RO water.   I believe the SEA-90 is the secret ingredient!  This morning I decided to be bold and used a full teaspoon of see 90 for one gallon of RO water plus the one teaspoon of magnesium.  Approximately one hour later I could see a noticeable increase of branch/ leaf Vibrance.

It’s so impressive how potent it is. I mixed a 30 gallon batch in my NFT reservoir with Emerald Harvest nutrients as directed yielding a PPM Of 770.  Then I added approximately half the recommended amount of see 90 and my PPM shot up to approximately 1500! And the transplants are thriving beautifully.

Anyhow, I just wanted to thank you once again 4 your kind responses and to give you my good news.  I am a customer for life.

Kind regards,
~ John

Dan J. | Corvallis, OR

CHERRY TOMATOES  “Last year I used SEA-90 on my cherry tomatoes for the first time…last year was rough for tomatoes due to a lack of necessary degree days. My tomato plants were the largest and most productive plants I have ever grown. The plants’ volume was roughly 4’W x 4’L x 3’H. Planted starts in mid-May and was eating tomatoes from late July until early September. I would get a minimum of 11-13 tomatoes per bunch from one plant with one to five bunches per day. The year prior to using SEA-90, I was lucky to get more than 5 ripe cherry tomatoes in any given day on any given plant. Last year, with the help of SEA-90, I could not eat all the tomatoes from a single plant and gave away thousands of cherry tomatoes. To top it all off, they were the most spectacular tasting tomatoes I have ever had.”

~ Dan J. Corvallis, OR

Alan H. | Talladega, AL

vitec_full_bloom  vines_nuts  vitec_shrub

First set of blooms on Vitec (1st picture) SEA-90 makes so much energy in the soil that we get lots of blooms, great color and that last longer. Pure Energy to support this many blooms (Vitec full bloom). I have taken ever bit of SEA-90 that I’ve had left and put on my trees up on the hill. Its like a tropical rain forest!

~ Alan H. Talladega AL



John B. Jr.

heirloom tomato grown with SEA-90 sea minerals fertilizer

I have to be honest these tomato plants are the best I’ve ever seen growing in Wondersoil with Dakota and SEA-90 trace mineral’s.

~ John B. Jr.





B. K. | USA

bryan_kaleAmazing SEA-90. Now I can use LESS Fertilizer!!! Wow.. 24 Hours, and the plants actually changed color to darker green, stood taller, and have an overall “Tougher” appearance. Very Impressive.

~ B. K., USA


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