Rick M. | Westville, IN


…..we have a commercial shrimp operation in Indiana. We were searching the internet for answers to a some problems we were having when I found SeaAgri and SEA-90. I called Mr. Cain and discussed the aspect of using SEA-90 to create sea water for our project. When I learned that it only takes seven ounces of SEA-90 dissolved in one gallon of water to recreate sea water and realized how inexpensively we could do this, we immediately ordered. We were experiencing many problems with our production and were constantly looking for solutions. Perhaps our mix was missing the natural minerals and trace elements that shrimp have access to living in the ocean. The SEA-90 arrived and we literally dove in head first by converting one entire tank with live shrimp to the new solution. I must admit that I was a little concerned at what might happen. But, the next morning I called my foreman and asked him to check the tank with the SEA-90 solution and report back. He called back in a few minutes and told me the shrimp looked so happy they were back stroking around the tank with big smiles on their little faces!

~ Rick M., Westville, IN

Jay S. | Moorhead, MS

Added 10 lbs SEA-90 per ton fish feed (blended into feed by producer)Catfish

Year 2012: 76 acres in catfish production  /  Feed 10 tons per acre per crop
Results: Feed conversion ratio (Feed to Fish Produced) 25% Improvement  /  Reduced from 2.45 lb to 2.2 lb
Meat Yield: 3% Improvement   /  Previous 2.52 lbs 61%  /  Current 2.60 lbs 64%

Other Observations:
1) Fish fully mature 3 weeks early
2) Water quality significantly improved

~ Jay S., Moorhead, MS



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