John B |Great Falls, MT

Hydroponic lettuce loves the sea 90 and the growth is phenomenal.

I wanted to thank you for recommending the use of SEA-90 in the hydroponic formulation I’m using for my greenhouse Romain lettuce. The results where amazing!

Romain lettuce grown with Sea-90

Rick S | Junction City, OR

I have been using Sea90 for several years now.

My watermelons are fantastic, very big and very flavorful.

That was the main reason I started using it, for the flavor and nutrition. That has exceeded my expectations.

I started giving some to my chickens and my hatch rate went from around 50% to probably 95% or better.

~ Rick S | Junction City, OR

John B | Great Falls, MT

Tomatoes grown with SEA-90

I have been using Sea-90 since 2013 and I have nothing but the best to say about this product. Tomatoes have more flavor and the greens look beautiful.

~ John B, Genesis 1G | Great Falls, MT

Electromagnetic image of SEA-90

Minerals Emit Energy! Electrophotonic Image of SeaAgri Sea Salt

Sea90 sea salt is used in all Greenfield Naturals Harmonizer products. “Ten years ago, if someone were to tell me that rocks, gemstones, and minerals could cleanse water, reduce pain, contribute to healing, accelerate injury recovery while enhancing strength, agility, and peace of mind, I would have considered them to be either delusional or a snake oil salesman.” ~ Gary Greenfield, Creator Of The Harmonizer product line “Water is the lifeblood of the earth.

~ Provided by Greenfield Naturals

Kim M. | Monticello FL

I thought I would share my day, I added the SEA- 90 to the cows feed and they went wild, they were rising sand until I put the product out in the fields and they immediately started picking the product from the ground, they are really enjoying themselves.

~ Kim M. | Monticello FL

SEA-90 in the News

Sea-90’s trace elements help the crepe myrtle…

Sea-90 in the Malibu Times

A homeowner in Malibu California asked Andy Lopez the garden specialist with The Malibu Times for help fighting ambrosia beetles that had infested his crepe myrtles.

Andy’s answer: “….I would start with a mineral-rich compost tea. It is essential that the mineral sources have a broad blend of trace minerals. I would recommend trying SEA-90 produced by By spraying the tree and trunk, you will not only be getting minerals into the tree, but you will also be spraying the beetles with the microbes and this will affect the beetles. This should be done twice a month at minimum but I would do it every week for a few months. Also, applying rock dust, compost and mulching over top should be done twice per year…”

Read the full article about how Sea-90 is integral for root health and preventing these pests.

Jerry Joe H | AK

Sea-90 pasture
Trial analysis of pasture grass fertilized with SEA-90Jerry Joe H, a rancher in Arkansas sent us grass analysis data after applying SEA-90 as a broadcast fertilizer to one of his pastures. He claims to have increased his grass and cow  production and quality by incorporating SEA-90’s minerals and trace elements into his fertility and cattle mineral program.
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