Aquaculture Application Instructions

SEA-90 Essential Elements is derived four times each year from the nutrient and trace mineral rich waters of the Sea of Cortez. Each time sea water arrives at our mine estuary it is completely solar dried within seven weeks.  The natural drying process preserves all 92 elements, 50,000+ organic substances and microbial life know to exist in Cortez sea water. SEA-90 is harvested, packaged and distributed within six months of its creation. Therefore it is a nearly perfect product to use for the production of all aquatic life. Recreate Cortez sea water for salt water species, brackish water for shrimp, oyster and clam production and use SEA-90 to add additional trace minerals for fresh water fish. In addition to the use of SEA-90 in pond water, another excellent application is adding SEA-90 to feed created for both shrimp and freshwater fish. Grower results from feed alone have shown significant improvement in feed conversion ratios, yield and water quality.

When dissolved in water, SEA-90’s trace minerals become ionic (mixed with oxygen) and are quickly absorbed and utilized by all living creatures creating a healthy environment. Trace minerals play key roles in bone and muscle development, improved disease resistance and balanced numerological systems in all aquatic species.

SeaAgri Solutions India distributer, Sri Surya Aqua Feeds, includes SEA-90 (bags in foreground) in their shrimp production program with outstanding success. Their producers have observed improved stomach color and molting, straighter body development (no bending) and better water clarity (reduction in algae growth) since adding SEA-90 to pond water.


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Shrimp Production Instructions

Pond Preparation Soil Treatment:

  • 44 lbs (20 KG) SEA-90 per acre during pond preparation. Disk into top 6 inches of soil surface

Shrimp Grow Out:

  • Pond Water: 4,000 sq ft pond (50,000 gallons water)
  • 11 lbs (5 KG) SEA-90 per week (7 days) until harvest

Feed Preparation:

  • 5.5 oz SEA-90 per 50 lbs feed (7g SEA-90 / KG)

Fresh Water Fish production instructions

Pond Preparation Soil Treatment:

  • 44 (20 KG) SEA-90 per acre during pond preparation. Disk into top 6 inches of soil surface

Feed Preparation:

  • 10 lbs SEA-90 per 2000 lb feed (4.53 KG/ 907 KG feed)
SEA-90 Foliar & Hydroponic Fertilizer
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